Grand Rapids, Michigan

Christian Education Ministry

Providence church along with the Christian Reformed denomination has a long history of supporting families who choose Christian education for their children.


Parents are the first and primary influences and educators of their children.  In addition as a believing community, Providence church promises to help parents nurture and educate their children to grow in faith and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christian schools can be a strong third partner with parents and church in this commitment and help children learn to see God’s world through the lens of His Word, the Bible.


To see the two page CEM plan adopted in June 2010 – click here.  This document explains the CEM purpose, plan, and how Providence members can be a part of the CEM.  The CEM committee membership (listed at the end of the document) has changed but feel free to ask any of them any questions you might have, they can direct you to the appropriate person.


For a copy of the 2021-2022 CEM Variance form necessary for each family who sends their children to a Christian school to complete, click here.