Grand Rapids, Michigan

Master's Builders

Providence Master’s Builders Ministry

The purpose of Master’s Builders is to show the love of Christ by assisting someone who has experienced loss through a natural disaster and who has struggled to repair or rebuild their home.  We have repaired or helped build homes in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, and other states.  Groups have also traveled to Peru and the Dominican Republic in the past.


The Master's Builders ministry is composed of Providence members and friends who each year form a new team and participate for one or two weeks in a work project mission trip.  Most of these trips are to the southern part of our country during early spring.  The groups generally include a mixture of skills including cooking, general repairs, cleaning, carpentry, roofing, and other construction.  Members include men, women, and teenagers, some possibly retired, on vacation, or on Spring Break.  Those with construction and renovation skills are especially welcome, but teams include students, office workers, and others who don't normally spend much time on the business end of a hammer.  The biggest qualification is a willingness to serve!.


Generally around the first of the year the Master’s Builders leaders find a suitable project for the group and the new team forms.  For information, contact Arie Doctor by emailing the Providence office.