Grand Rapids, Michigan

Missionaries We Support

John & Damien Grimberg - CRU, Twin Cities, MN

John and Damien minister to college students with the ministry of CRU (the U.S. ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ).  To learn more about their ministry go to or


Abraham and Elaine Lee - CRWM - Mexico

Along with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Mexico/Emmanuael Presbytery, Abe and Elaine are encouraging and empowering local believers and churches to awaken spiritually and emotionally.  For more information on their ministry go to or


David & Jill Martin - Mission to the World, Odessa, Ukraine

David and Jill are both trained teachers.  Their primary work is to run a school for children of missionaries in Odessa.  More information can be found at


Ben and Christy Spalink - City Grace Church, New York City, NY

Ben works as the pastor of City Grace Church, a church plant of the Christian Reformed Church in New York City, NY.  Their work is to continue to grow the church in the urban setting of New York. City Grace is a community of New Yorkers from around the city who share a common desire to learn more about Jesus Christ. For more information check out their website


Chad and Liz Neeley - Worldwide Christian Schools - Kampala, Uganda

We are committed believers working in faith to share the gospel with youth in Malaysia.  We partner with Dalat International School, in Penang, Malaysia, as we teach we incorporate a message of attributes for our forgiving Savior.  We are in the midst of developing this new ministry and are actively seeking and praying for outlets to access safe spaces for youth ministry.  Malaysia is a Muslim country.  It is vibrant with deeply rooted eastern religion.  Combating this establishment, we find places that welcome Christian teaching for youth ministry.  God is good, and we pray and are expectant that He will provide.


Rod, Debbie & Katie Wray - Harvest International - Serving in Haiti 

 Rod and Debbie were called to serve in Haiti in 2003 with their five children. Since then, God has allowed them to be involved in hosting teams for the 'wedding ministry', medical teams, construction teams, camp-hosting teams and sports teams.  The Renault Sunday School ministry started more than 8 years ago in a slum area of Les Cayes, and now has over 1300 children each Sunday who come to hear God's word, learn Bible verses, sing praises, and study God's word. As the children leave, they receive a small bag of rice. (manna pack) 

In August of 2009, their family was given property to start a children's camp. "Camp Mahanaim" (meaning God's camp) officially opened in 2013. It is a special place where children of Haiti are taught how to live for God in today's changing world. It is a fun place with sports activities, and gives them many new experiences....all focused around God's word.