Grand Rapids, Michigan

Providence Vision

Vision Statement Update Summer 2021

2025 Vision Summary – Reclaiming Our Tables (HOME – CHURCH – COMMUNITY)

In a time when loneliness and isolation are becoming normal, Providence Church will fight to reclaim our tables and the gift of healthy, loving community by 2025. By tables we mean ANY PLACES where we connect with other people (ex. meals, front yard, ball field, school, workplace, church fellowship hall, etc.) We will fight to make every member household a place where Christ’s love, goodness and grace are experienced.  We will fight to make our church family a place where all members are connected, cared for and know how to follow Jesus. We will fight to make our member households and church family gatherings into places where neighbors, coworkers, schoolmates, casual acquaintances and strangers are welcomed and experience the love of Christ. Together we will fight to push back the cultural forces of loneliness and isolation to advance the mission of Christ.


1.      Reclaiming Our Table with our LORD. We will experiment with increasing the frequency of our Lord’s Supper celebrations and the way we celebrate to increase our commitment to becoming a church who loves God, each other and others like our Lord loves us.


2.      Reclaiming Our Tables in the HOME: Each household gathering at least 4 times a week. (Each household establishing a new rhythm of connecting with each other).


3.      Reclaiming Our Tables in the CHURCH: Each household gathering at least 5 times with other church households (they have not gathered with before) each year.


4.      Reclaiming Our Tables in the COMMUNITY: Each household gathering at least 6 times a year with households outside our church family by end of 2025