Grand Rapids, Michigan

Women's Fellowship Opportunities

Providence Women’s Book Club


In November 2006, a group of Providence women started a book club.  It meets every 5 to 6 weeks to discuss a book mutually agreed upon at the previous meeting; they also enjoy an hour of fellowship and refreshments together.  The book club reads different types of books and genres.  Most books are secular and either the book club members obtain the book on their own (via the library, purchasing, or borrowing) or the book club uses the Kent District Library’s “Book Club in a Bag.”  The Women’s Book Club is a book club for all ages and we love new participants.  For a list of the books we have read click here.



Ladies Craft Night


Ladies gather at church to work on craft projects.  All women are welcome, even if you’re not crafty!  We meet  once a month on a Friday night (the second Friday) from 6 pm to midnight.  Feel free to come and go as needed.



Hook, Needles and Yarn


If you knit and/or crochet, this is the group for you..  It meets every third Monday of the month from September through May, and  makes shawls and lapghans for those in need at St. Mary’s and Pine Rest.